The Earth Centre Sustainability Grant

Congratulations to this year’s Earth Centre Sustainability Grant winner: Rooted/Green Squirrels Team!!

Rooted is a student run business providing the Queen’s community with the most convenient method of getting organic and locally sourced food. Their vision is a healthier and more sustainable Queen’s community. Their mission is to educate Queen’s students on the environmental, nutritional, and economic benefits of buying locally as well as providing a convenient organic food delivery service to encourage sustainable eating habits.

Congratulations to the second place winner: SoLuna Essentials!!

The world we live in is changing. Over the past 100 years, we have seen a dramatic increase of exploitation of natural resources, while the human population continues to rise exponentially. However, humanity is undergoing a shift in which more and more people are looking to preserve natural resources and our beautiful home on Mother Earth. The goal of SoLuna Essentials is to help others achieve their dreams of living holistic and healthy lifestyles by providing handmade, all-natural, and sustainably derived consumer products to the public. They wish to raise awareness to the importance of issues such as sustainable living and mental health by giving tips and tricks to reducing carbon footprints, and ways to take control of your own well-being.

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