Here is the full list!

  1. Alao, Abiodun — Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa
  2. Albright, Roger — 547 Ways to Be Fuel Smart
  3. Anderson, Alun — After the Ice: Life, Death and Geopolitics in the New Arctic
  4. Bakker, Karen — Eau Canada
  5. Barlow, Maude — Blue Covenant
  6. Barlow, Maude and Tony Clarke — Blue Gold
  7. Barnhill, David Landis and Roger S. Gottlieb — Deep Ecology and World Religions
  8. Benidickson, Janice — The Culture of Flushing
  9. Black, Edwin — Internal Combustion: How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed the Alternatives
  10. Blanc, Paul D. — How Everyday Products Make People Sick: Toxins at Home and in the Workplace
  11. Bowen, Mark — Censoring Science: Inside the Political Attack on Dr. James Hansen & the Truth of Global Warming
  12. Boyd, David R. — Dodging the Toxic Bullet: How to Protect Yourself from Everyday Environmental Health Hazards
  13. Boyd, David R – The Optimistic Environmentalist
  14. Brende, Eric — Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology
  15. Brown, Paul — Global Warming: The Last Chance for Change
  16. Brown, Lester R. — Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization
  17. Bruges, James — The Biochar Debate: Charcoal’s Potential to Reverse Climate Change and Build Soil Fertility
  18. Brugmann, Jeb — Welcome to the Urban Revolution: How Cities are Changing the World
  19. Calvert, John — Liquid Gold
  20. Carroll, John E. — Sustainability and Spirituality
  21. Carson, Rachel — Silent Spring
  22. Chernesko, David — Sustainable Sport Management: Running an Environmentally, Socially, and Economically Responsible Organization
  23. Chiras, Dan — Power From the Wind
  24. Clarke, Tony — Inside the Bottle
  25. Clarke, Tony — Tar Sands Showdown
  26. Cline, Elizabeth L. — Overdressed
  27. Cole, Luke W. and Sheila R. Foster — From the Ground Up
  28. Cone, Marla — Silent Snow
  29. Corwin, Jeff — 100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save the Earth’s Most Endangered Species
  30. Court, Jamie — Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal Freedom And What You Can Do About It
  31. Cousteau, Jacques and Schiefelbein, Susan — The Human, the Human and the Octopus: Exploring and Conserving Our Natural World
  32. Coward, Harold and Andrew J. Weaver — Hard Choices: Climate Change in Canada
  33. Cravens, Gwyneth — Power to Save the World
  34. Davidson, Art — In the Wake of the Exxon Valdez
  35. Davidson, Debra and Kierstin Hatt — Consuming Sustainability
  36. Davis, Kenneth C. — Don’t Know Much About Geography
  37. De Rothschild, David — The Live Earth Global Warming Survival handbook: 77 Essential Skills to Stop Climate Change – Or Live Through It
  38. DeVillers, Marq — The End: Natural Disasters, Manmade Castrophes and the Future of Human Survival
  39. DeVilliers, Marq — Water
  40. Diefendorf, Jeffry M. & Dorsey, Kurk — City, Country, Empire: Landscapes in Environmental History
  41. Dilworth, Craig — Too Smart For Our Own Good
  42. Dornbusch, Rudiger and James M. Poterba — Global Warming: Economic Policy Responses
  43. Dumaine, Brian — The Plot to Save the Planet: How Visionary Entrepreneurs and Corporate Titans are Creating Real Solutions to Global Warming
  44. Dyer, Gwynne — Climate Wars
  45. EarthPledge — Sustainable Cuisine White Papers
  46. Eisenstein, Charles — Scared Economics: Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition
  47. Evernden, Neil — The Natural Alien: Humankind and Environment
  48. Faris, Stephan — Forecast: The Consequences of Climate Change From the Amazon to the Arctic, from Darfur to Napa Valley
  49. Farrelly, Elizabeth — Blubberland
  50. Flannery, Tim — The Weather Makers
  51. Flores, H.C. — Food not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community
  52. Fraser, Caroline — Rewilding the World:Dispatches From the Conservation Revolution
  53. Friedman, Thomas L. — Hot, Flat, and Crowded
  54. Fry, Caroline — The Impact of Climate Change: The World’s Greatest Challenge in the Twenty-First Century
  55. Garvey, James — The Ethics of Climate Change: Right and Wrong in a Warming World
  56. George, Paul — Big Trees Not Stumps
  57. Gillman, Jeff — The Truth about Organic Gardening
  58. Goodall, Chris — How to Live a Low-Carbon Life
  59. Goodall, Jane — Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating
  60. Goodell, Jeff — Big Coal
  61. Goodenough, Ursula — The Sacred Depths of Nature
  62. Gore, Al — Earth in the Balance
  63. Greenpeace — The Greenpeace Living Guide
  64. Grescoe, Taras — Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood
  65. Grescoe, Taras — Straphangers
  66. Hansen, James — Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity
  67. Harley, Bruce — Cut Your Energy Bills Now: 150 Smart Ways to Save Money and Make Your Home More Comfortable and Green
  68. Harris, Mark — Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial
  69. Hartmann, Thom — Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture
  70. Hasse, Janette — From Seed to Table: A Practical Guide to Eating and Growing Green
  71. Hawken, Paul – Blessed Unrest
  72. Hedges, Chris — Losing Moses on the Freeway: The 10 Commandments in America
  73. Heintzman, Andrew and Evan Solomon — Fueling the Future
  74. Hicks, Robert L., Bradley Parks, J. Timmons AProberts and Micheal J. Tierney — Greening Aid?: Understanding the Environmental Impact of Development Assistance
  75. Hollander, Jack M. — The Real Environmental Crisis
  76. Hopper, Kim, et al. — Conservation Finance Handbook
  77. Huband, Mark — Brutal Truths, Fragile Myths: Power Politics and Western Adventurism in the Arab World
  78. Imhoff, Daniel — Paper or Plastic
  79. Irvine, Amy — Trespass: Living at the Edge of the Promised Land
  80. Jackson, Albert and Day, David — Collins Complete Energy-Saving DIY
  81. Jacobs, Jane — The Death and Life of Great American Cities
  82. Jacobsen, Rowan — The Living Shore: Rediscovering a Lost World
  83. Jensen, Derrick and Stephanie McMillan — As the World Burns
  84. Johnson, Lorraine — City Farmer
  85. Johnston, Josee, Michael Gismondi, & James Goodman (ed) — Nature’s Revenge: Reclaiming Sustainability in an Age of Corporate Globalization
  86. Jones, Van — The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems
  87. Juhasz, Antonia — The Tyranny Oil: The World’s Most Powerful Industry – And What We Must Do to Stop It
  88. Kennedy Jr., Robert F. — Crimes Against Nature
  89. Kirby, David — Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Diary and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment
  90. Klare, Michael T — Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: The New Geopolitics of Energy
  91. Klein, Naomi — Fences and Windows
  92. Klein, Naomi — This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
  93. Klein, Naomi — The Shock Doctrine
  94. Klinenberg, Eric — Fighting for Air: The Battle to Control America’s Media
  95. Kolbert, Elizabeth — Field Notes From a Catastrophe
  96. Kostigen, Thomas M. — You Are Here
  97. Kuipers, Dean — Operation Bite Back: Rod Coronado’s War to Save American Wilderness
  98. Lappe, Anna — Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It
  99. Learsey, Raymond J — Over a Barrel: Breaking the Middle East Oil Cartel
  100. Legrain, Philippe — Open World: The Truth About Globalisation
  101. Leonard, Annie — The Story of Stuff
  102. Linden, Eugene — The Winds of Change: Climate, Weather and the Destruction of Civilization
  103. Lindstrom, Matthew J. and Hugh Bartling — Suburban Sprawl
  104. Lomborg, Bjorn — Cool It
  105. London, Mark and Brian Kelly — The Last Forest
  106. Lorey, David E. — Global Environmental Challenges of the Twenty-First Century
  107. Lynas, Mark — High Tide: News From A Warming World
  108. Lynch, Jim – The Highest Tide
  109. M’Gonigle, Michael and Justine Starke — Planet U
  110. Macdonald, Douglas — Business and Environmental Politics in Canada
  111. MacEachern, Alan — The Institute of Man and Resources: An Environmental Fable
  112. Malkan, Stacy — Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry
  113. Mann, Michael E., Kump, Lee R. — Dire Predictions: Understanding Global Warming
  114. Marsden, William — Stupid to the Last Drop: How Alberta is Bringing Environmental Armageddon to Canada (& doesn’t seem to care)
  115. May, Elizabeth — At the Cutting Edge
  116. May, Elizabeth — How To Save the World In Your Spare Time
  117. Mazur, Laurie (ed) — A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice and the Environmental Challenge
  118. McKibben, Bill — Eaarth: Making A Life on a Tough New Planet
  119. McQuaig, Linda — It’s the Crude, Dude: Greed, Gas, War and the American Way
  120. Miller, Sallly — Edible Action: Food Activism and Alternative Economics
  121. Mitchell, Alanna — Sea Sick: the Global Ocean in Crisis
  122. Mitchell, John Hanson — The Wildest Place on Earth: Italian Gardens and the Invention of Wilderness
  123. Morito, Bruce — Thinking Ecologically
  124. Morton, Oliver — Eating the Sun: How Plants Power the Planet
  125. Nader, Ralph — The Seventeen Traditions
  126. Neumann, Roderick P. — Imposing Wilderness: Struggles Over Livelihood and Nature Preservation in Africa
  127. Nickerson, Mike — Life, Money and Illusion
  128. Nikiforuk, Andrew — Empire of the Beetle
  129. Nikiforuk, Andrew — Energy of Slaves
  130. Nikiforuk, Andrew — Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent
  131. Niman, Nicolette Hahn — Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms
  132. Novacek, Michael — Terra
  133. Pahl, Greg — Biodiesel
  134. Park, Chris — Dictionary of Environment and Conservation
  135. Parish, Billy and Dev Aujla — Making Good
  136. Pawlick, Thomas F. — The End of Food
  137. Pawlick, Thomas F. — The War in the Country
  138. Pfeiffer, Dale Allen — Eating Fossil Fuels
  139. Plant, Christopher and Judith — Green Business: Hope or Hoax?
  140. Pollan, Michael — The Botany of Desire
  141. Roselle, Mike and Mahan, Josh — Tree Spiker: From Earth First! To Lowbagging: My Struggles in Radical Environment Action
  142. Elizabet – Bottlemania
  143. Salleh, Ariel (ed.) — Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice: Women Write Political Ecology
  144. Sanders, Barry — The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism
  145. Shutkin, William A. — The Land That Could Be
  146. Smith, Alisa and J.B. McKibbon — The 100 Mile Diet
  147. Smith, Mick — Against the Ecological Sovereignty
  148. Snyder, Gary — Back on the Fire
  149. Solnit, Rebecca — A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster
  150. Steffen, Alex — World Changing: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century
  151. Stein, Kathy — Beyond Recycling: A Re-User’s Guide
  152. Steiner, Christopher — $20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better
  153. Stewart, Rob — Save the Humans
  154. Stibbe, Arran (ed) — The Handbook of Sustainable Literacy: Skills for a Changing World
  155. Strong, Maurice — Where On Earth Are We Going?
  156. Sustainable World Coalition — Sustainable World Sourcebook: The Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen
  157. Suzuki, David — The Sacred Balance
  158. Suzuki, David and Boyd, David — David Suzuki’s Green Guide
  159. Suzuki, David and Dressel, Holly — Good News For A Change: How Everyday People are Helping the Planet
  160. Suzuki, David and Dressel, Holly — More Good News: Real Solutions to the Global Eco-Crisis
  161. Tracey, David — Guerilla Gardening: A Manualfesto
  162. Toulmin, Camilla — Climate Change in Africa
  163. Tudge, Colin — The Tree
  164. Unger, Craig — House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World’s Two Most Powerful Dynasties
  165. Vasil, Adria — Ecoholic
  166. Vasil, Adria — Ecoholic Body
  167. Vernon, J. Michael — Shell Game: One Family’s Long Battle Against Big Oil
  168. Volk, Tyler — CO2 Rising
  169. Ward, Diane Raines — Water Wars: Drought, Flood, Folly and the Politics of Thirst
  170. Weart, Spencer R — The Discovery of Global Warming: Revised and Expanded Edition
  171. Weisman, Alan — The World Without Us
  172. Willard, Bob — The Sustainability Advantage: 7 Business Case Benefits of a Triple Bottom Line
  173. Willard, Bob — The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook
  174. Wilson, Edward O. — The Diversity of Life
  175. Winston, Mark L. — Travels in the Genetically Modified Zone
  176. Wohlforth, Charles — The Fate of Nature: Rediscovering Our Ability to Rescue the Earth
  177. Yarrow, Joanna — How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: 365 Simple Ways to Save Energy, Resources and Money
  178. Yudelson, Jerry — Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis


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