Summer Scramble – Stuffed Tomatoes

Summer Scramble – Stuffed tomatoes with eggs, couscous, and shitake mushrooms

Mariana Abeid-McDougall, Phys Ed ’06 (Achiever Fitness)

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The best part about this recipe? The tomatoes and pepper came from my garden – fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide free.  The shiitake mushrooms came from our CSA – organic food!  Yum!


1 tablespoon olive oil
2 cloves garlic
handful shiitake mushrooms
3 large eggs

3 tomatoes (not too ripe)
2 sprigs fresh thyme
1/4 cup whole wheat couscous
1/3 cup boiling water
Sea Salt and Fresh pepper to taste
15 – 21 leaves fresh romaine lettuce
Medium Green pepper (for garnish)


1. In a non-stick frying pan over medium heat, heat the olive oil.  Add the garlic and mushrooms.  Cook, stirring, for about 2-5 minutes; just until olive oil starts to sizzle.

2. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, beat the eggs.  Add about half the thyme and salt and pepper to taste.  Add the eggs to the frying pan and cook, mixing up the egg mixture occasionally with a turner to scramble the eggs.

3. While the eggs are cooking, put the couscous in a small bowl and pour the boiling water over it.  By the time the eggs are done, the couscous will have absorbed the water. Flluff the couscous with a fork.  Add the rest of the thyme and salt and pepper to taste.  Add the egg mixture to the couscous and mix well.  

4. Cut a whole on the top of each tomato.  With a spoon, remove the inside portion of the tomato.  Either discard or save for soup/stock.  Fill each tomato to the top with the egg and couscous  mixture. Arrange 5-7 lettuce leaves on each large dinner plate, and place the stuffed tomato in the  middle.  Cut small strips of green pepper and insert them into the couscous mixture.


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