What does cooking have to do with the Earth Centre anyways?

Here at the EC, we are very extremely fond of potlucks.  We love food and we think that you should too because, you know, food is good.  More importantly, we believe that the way you eat can change the world.  Eating less meat means less water, corn, carbon dioxide and methane going into your meal. Eating locally and buying your vegetables from your favourite organic vendor at the farmer’s market means that A LOT less carbon and pesticides went into growing and transporting the components of your meal, not to mention the benefit of supporting your local economy. Not only does the Earth benefit, but you and your community do too!

We are always looking for new contributions.  If you have a vegetarian or vegan recipe that you think is absolutely delish, we NEED to hear about it.  Email us!  Communication is fun!

Eat Responsibly. Live Sustainably.Potluck

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