The Earth Centre is now open for the fall semester!

Heya fellow Earth lovers!

In case you haven’t heard the news or haven’t yet had a chance to visit us on the 3rd floor of the ARC, we want to announce that we are now open for business!

Check out our “Products and Suppliers” tab for information on what kind of products we currently carry, and our “Library” tab to see what kind of spectacular literature our library offers!

Stay tuned for new products arriving in the next couple of weeks, along with the addition of up to 40 more titles to the library. So exciting!


One love,

The EC


The Earth Centre is proud to be a partner in GREENFEST,  a campus-wide celebration of sustainability at Queen’s, from March 4th to March 8th.

Its 5 themed days – Energy & Climate, Waste Diversion, Food & Water, Transportation, and Sustainability Education – provide participants with 5 ways to live more sustainably
both on campus and at home.

We are hosting events throughout the week, so be sure to check out some of the green action!

More information on the greenfest website


Upcoming Sustainability Courses

Looking for credits with a focus on sustainability?

Steven Moore, from Queen’s School of Business and the School of Environmental Studies, is offering three exciting courses in the very near future. Take Environmental Policy in Costa Rica this May; Field School in Sustainability Leadership at the castle this summer; and Sustainability Strategies and Practices here at Queen’s this fall.

Click on the course-descriptions for more information!

BISC Sustainability Leadership Field School

ENSC 310 in Costa Rica

COMM 408, Fall 2013

Book Exchange This Thursday

The Earth Centre will be hosting a book exchange on the ground floor of the Queen’s Centre (aka ARC) this Thursday, October 18th.

The concept is simple: take a book, leave a book. Just exchange a book you don’t want anymore for a “new-to-you” book that someone else doesn’t want!

If you wish, you are also to drop off any books you may have in advance of the exchange at the Earth Centre store. Any and all books are welcome!

P.S. There will be treats!

The Earth Centre is Opening

We are opening for the fall semester on Monday, September 17th!

As usual, our hours are 10-5 Monday to Friday. Come visit our location on the 3rd floor of the Queen’s Centre (just above CoGro); the room number is 3-A607.

Come check out our sustainable products and amazing library!


If you are interested in spending a bit more quality time in the Earth Centre, volunteering may be right up your alley!  Applications are due on Friday, September 21st.

See you soon!



Book Exchange!

Hey Everyone

Just a heads up about the Earth Centre 2nd Annual Book Exchange which is scheduled to take place Thursday, March 1st on the 1st floor of the Queen’s Centre. We’ll be setting up camp at a table there all day (10am-5pm). We’re taking book donations now so please visit the Earth Centre either this week (Feb 14-17) or the week following reading week (Feb 27-Feb 29). Our hours, to remind you, are 10am-5pm on weekdays.

You don’t need to donate books to take your own! (But the system works better if we have a good collection of books!)

Shoot us off an email if you have any questions or are looking to get involved!

EC Exec

Volunteer Applications (online!)

Hey All!

Earth Centre applications are online this year and here’s the link! The more, the merrier so don’t hesitate to spend a few minutes doing the application & becoming part of our team!

The application is due by Sunday, Sept 18.

We’re looking to open the week of Sept 12 so stay tuned and stop by!

See you this week for Queen’s in the Park (Sept 7) and Sidewalk Sale (Sept 9). Details on previous post.

Peace out.

Alaya & Sarah
Co-Chairs 2011-12

Welcome Back

Hi Everyone!

The annual influx of students has hit Kingston and the Earth Centre is very excited to meet the new people and catch up with the old! Here’s a heads up about some things going on this week and an update on volunteer applications.

1. Volunteer Applications. Volunteer applications will be released within the next week (we’ll send to mailing list & post on website). Mark in your calendars that they will be due on Sunday, Sept 18 by 4:00pm. Volunteer responsibilities will be changing a little this year. We will still have office hours but the volunteers will be divided into various groups based on their interests and skill level. There will be marketing and education groups as well as groups for various events, like the Book Exchange.
2. Frosh Week Activities. Come meet the new Earth Centre executive group during frosh week! We will be selling a selection of our products and we’ll have books and magazines from our resource centre.
Find us at: Queen’s in the Park (Sept 7; 1pm-4pm; Kingston City Park), & Sidewalk Sale (Sept 9; 9am-4pm; University Ave on campus).
3. Book Exchange Reminder. Our first book exchange last spring was a big success and we’re eager to make it even better this year. The date hasn’t been set but we’re aiming for just after Thanksgiving. The Earth Centre will be accepting books as soon as we open so pack a couple of old ones you have lying around!
4. Sustainable Kingston Speaker. Jeremy Rifkin, architect of the European Union’s Long-Term Economic Sustainability Plan, is coming to Kingston’s Grand Theatre at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29. Rifkin is an internationally renowned and influential advisor to world leaders on the subjects of sustainability, technology, energy security, climate change and global economics. For more information on Jeremy Rifkin and this event see:
5. Ideas & Meeting Us! The Earth Centre executive can’t wait to see you all again. Please drop by during our frosh week events and say Hi! If you have any suggestions or ideas for the EC, let us know by email or in person. Or leave an anonymous note in our office, if that’s what suits you!
Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
Alaya Yassein & Sarah Ireland
Co-Chairs 2011-2012


Spring Updates!

Hello Friends,

You’d never guess it by the chilly weather, but spring is here (almost)! With that we thought we’d hit you with some updates:


1.) Modified Earth Centre Hours

We’re absolutely 100% open this week during our usual hours from 10-5 M-F and hope to see all your lovely faces to stock up for the coming month. To keep our library and products accessible, we’re going to be open from 10-5 until Friday April 15th. After that, the Earth Centre will be closing its doors for the 2010-2011 year. Sad. So be sure to come by and say hello/goodbye before the penthouse of the ARC quiets down!

2.) Book Exchange–Success!

Big thank you to all who participated in our first Book Exchange. It was an awesome event and we’re already getting stoked about possibilities for next year. Also, thanks/high fives to Alaya (Education Exec now, incoming External Co-Chair) for suggesting the idea and putting it together. Way to go!

3.) Kingston Sustainability Partnership!

We’re now an official community partner with the city of Kingston’s Sustainability Plan! Alright! Basically, what that means is we’re into what they’re doing and they’re digging what we’re up to. For more info on that process and the exact steps we outlined for the folks over at the city feel free to shoot an email or come by the Earth Centre. We’re pretty excited about this.

4.) Volunteers 2010-2011

Thank you thank you thank you! The Earth Centre couldn’t run without you all! I think I speak for all the Exec when I say that we really enjoyed getting to know all of you and loved the input/energy and commitment you all had this year. That being said, I’d love to see you this Friday at the social/volunteer appreciation. You all rock.

5.) Comment Box

There’s a newly added comment box in the Earth Centre for anyone to slip in a concern/suggestion/question. Totally anonymous and homemade. Alright!

6.) Library Updates

For all the library members out there with book still; please get them back to us by the 15th! We’ll start to hunt you down next week! On another note, if you’re finding that you have a lot of extra time on your hands, be sure to come by and check out the library. We got a pile of new books in earlier this week from the fabulous Alan from Transition Kingston.


Thanks again for a great year. Looking forward to seeing the Earth Centre take off in 2011-2012 to new, soaring and green heights.



Annie and Jenna

Earth Centre Co-Chairs



Exec Applications 2011-2012

Hey Everyone,

The time has come to call for applications for the 2011-2012 Executive Committee! As the incoming co-chairs, we can’t wait to meet all of you and read some great applications. We’re open for all questions, concerns, etc so please don’t hesitate to contact us at earthcentreatqueens(at)
The applications (attached) are due next Monday (March 28th) by 4:00pm. Send them to earthcentreatqueens(at)
Now that we’re nice and comfortable on the 3rd floor, we’re really looking forward to moving forward with some new ideas for next year – and we want to hear all of yours too!
Can’t wait to read all of your applications in the coming week! Please apply!
Hope to see you around the EC,
Sarah Ireland & Alaya Yassein
Incoming Internal & External Co-Chairs