Wanna be a Co-Chair?

We’re now taking applications for two Co-Chair positions for the 2015-2016 school year!  If you like the environment, cool products, and friendly people, we’d love to hear from you.  The application can be download off the Earth Centre’s Facebook Page.  Click on the Join tab above to find out more!

Open for Business

The Earth Centre is now open from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday!  Drop by our club space on the 3rd floor of the Queen’s Centre to check out our products, browse our library, or just have a chat with our volunteers.  We look forward to seeing you!

Exec Applications

Hey everyone,

Interested in becoming a member of the Earth Centre Exec for the 2014-2015 school year? Fill out this application for consideration in the interview process! Interviews will be held March 29th and 30th so submit your applications to earthcentreatqueens@gmail.com soon.

Can’t wait to hear from you,

The EC

Earth Centre Exec Application 14-15

Clothing Swap Feb 26th-27th

Clothing Swap

Hey Everyone,

It’s happening again, the famed Earth Centre clothing swap! Have any old clothes that you just don’t need anymore? Come and drop them off in the Earth Centre (Rm 3-A607) starting today and going through until the second day of the clothing swap. Looking to pick up some free gently used swag? Come to the 1st floor of the Queen’s Athletics and Recreation Centre on February 26th and 27th and take as much as you want!


Cant wait to see what treasures you have tucked away in your closet :)

The EC

February Book of the Month

Celebrity and the Environment: Fame, Wealth, Power in Conservation” by Dan Brockington

It seems that recently our conversations have been dominated by celebrities. This includes, but not limited to, Superbowl performances, award show season, the antics of Bieber and Miley. So it’s fitting that the Earth Centre book of the month is Dan Brockington’s ‘Celebrity and the Environment: Fame, Wealth, and Power in Conservation’. Brockington writes about how celebrities are the new ‘warriors’ and their willingness to lend their name toenvironmental issues allows them to act as a Lorax type figure and speak for the nature that cannot speak for itself.

Brockington argues that this mutual support stems from recent trends that suggest conservation and corporate capitalism are merging into one entity. So at what cost does celebrity environmental endorsement impact an individual’s relationship with the great outdoors?

This exciting read showcases how the environmental movement has become a ‘sexy’ form of international development for Hollywood’s stars to get behind. I believe that this book allows readers to understand how the image of the perfected celebrity distorts the meaning of conservation itself. Stop by the Earth Centre to pick up this great read among others.

Happy learning!

The EC