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The Earth Centre is always looking for Volunteers! If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please email


The Earth Centre Executive positions (not available at the moment):

Please read below about the 5 positions that are to be filled and follow the links to the relevant application forms. Complete and send the form to along with your resume to apply! Feel free to apply to as many positions as you see fit.

Co-Head Manager (2 positions available)

The Co-Head Managers are expected to act as the top-level administrators of the Earth Centre. They would be looking to work with each other and the other exec to ensure all jobs are being done appropriately and that the Earth Centre is completing its goals / running smoothly.

Duties Include:

  • Create short and long term goals for the club
  • Manage large-scale finances
  • Create and monitor budgets, ensure that funds are being used appropriately
  • Directing other exec as appropriate and ensuring that they are given duties/understand their duties/are trained appropriately
  • Plan and run large-scale events
    • This would include Tea Room Mug Days, participating in Sustainability Week, etc.
    • This does not necessarily include volunteer events, nor does this mean that you have to come up with every event idea alone
  • Creating cross-club/service partnerships and interacting with the greater Queen’s community

Application form:

Application Deadline for Co-Head Manager Positions:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Marketing Manager (1 position)

The Marketing Manager is responsible for distributing information to the general public / greater Queen’s community. They would look to find ways of increasing Earth Centre visibility and event attendance.

Duties Include:

  • Creating posters, graphics, etc. for advertising events / products
  • Managing social media / internet presence
  • Duties may be in partnership with Operations Manager, especially when advertising new products / books
  • Finding methods to increase Earth Centre visibility and presence on campus

Application Form:

Operations Manager (1 position)

The Operations Manager is responsible for the club space and day-to-day operations. They would look to make sure that the Earth Centre is getting all needed supplies and stock.

Duties Include:

  • Monitoring stock and refreshing it as appropriate
  • Ordering new books and educational resources
  • Researching and ordering new items to sell
  • Looking for new initiatives / issues to advocate for

Application form:

Volunteer Manager (1 position)

The Volunteer Manager is expected to interact directly with the volunteers to encourage engagement and foster a  community within the club. They should be looking to advocate for the volunteers and attempt to create a positive space / experience for them.

Duties Include:

  • Communicating with volunteers, whether through email or through social network
  • Collecting volunteer schedules and creating shift schedules for each term
  • Organizing and running volunteer events
  • Interacting with volunteers directly or directing them to other exec as appropriate

Application form:


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