The Earth Centre offers Queen’s students, faculty and community members an opportunity to transform their environmental concern into positive action through green consumerism and innovative discussion. The Earth Centre encourages students to engage in positive dialogue about the environment through exposure to new information and opinions on environmental topics. The products The Earth Centre carries offer a more sustainable, responsible alternative to students’ consumer needs.

Our Purpose15046252_1164182540330529_1561263258_n

The Earth Centre is an AMS club that receives its funding primarily through student opt-out fees with the occasional grant. We are a non-profit store composed of an eight person managerial team responsible for store operations, education, volunteers, and marketing. Along with a group of dedicated volunteers who oversee store transactions and customer service, The Earth Centre grants the Queen’s community convenient access to inexpensive environmentally-friendly products and information through its expanding library .

While the best consumerism is always non-consumerism, The Earth Centre offers a more realistic alternative by selling necessary products that were made with an environmental mind frame and have lower impacts on the environment than many store-brand products.

Product Information and Affordability

All of our products are purchased wholesale and sold at-cost to allow green consumers the option to purchase personal, household, and food-related often biodegradable, organic, and/or vegan options at the lowest prices possible. While we strive to carry mostly Canadian brands, placing particular emphasis on supporting local industries, we also carry a number of well-recognized and environmentally-innovative American and European brands. A sampling of the Canadian brands carried include: Cascades (QC), Glengrove Organics (ON), Gogo Quinoa (QC), Green Beaver (ON), Me to We (ON), Nature Clean (ON), and River Valley Apiaries (ON). Some of well-recognized international brand-names we carry include: Ecover (EU), Natracare (US & EU), Nile Spices (US), Tom’s Naturals (US), and Seventh Generation (US).  Check out our products page for more information.

Educational Initiatives

In addition to selling environmentally- friendly products, The Earth Centre also has an ever-expanding library. The library has an environmental theme to complement The Earth Centre’s mission statement. The books’ diverse topics range from scientific-based global warming issues, international water policies to critiques and opinions. The Earth Centre is also committed to advancing environmental education by means of guest speakers from organizations such as Greenpeace and through an information display board located in the store.

The Earth Centre is Bullfrog powered and a Queen’s Positive Space

We’re also an official community partner with the City of Kingston’s Sustainability Plan.

The Earth Centre Managers 

Olivia Heintzman & Jenny Simmons – Head Manager

Grace Leyden & Katelyn Downey – Operations Manager

Melissa Blackwell – Marketing Manager

Sabrina Weber – Volunteer Manager

Alyssa Andress & Lilly Hickox – Educational Manager

Contact us at earthcentreatqueens@gmail.com!

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